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Tropical Citrus Odor Eliminating Wax Melts 2.5oz

Price: $3.49
SKU:  14788
Crisp citrus and tropical fruits warmed with creamy, sugary tones.

Odor Eliminating Wax Collection: Neutralize odors and fill your home with the finest home fragrance with our Odor Eliminating Wax collection. High quality fragrance oils, soy blend wax, and our proprietary odor eliminating component are combined in clean, fresh fragrances.

Odor Eliminating Wax has a high fragrance load for a long-lasting fragrance experience.
Effectively eliminates and reduces odors.
Soy blend wax allows for rich, creamy colors and a smooth, creamy finish.
Our wax melts are made in the U.S.A.
Fragrance oils are blended with Odor Eliminating technology.
Fragrance and Odor Eliminators are circulated into the air when warmed.
Odor Eliminator attracts malodors like a magnet.
Odors bond and are eliminated.