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Inclusive Access

Bringing Course Content into the 21st Century

The Wildcat Shop’s Inclusive Access program has been very well received by those students who have used it. Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive and adaptive digital content, while drastically reducing the cost to students.

Two Main Goals:

  1. Reducing the cost of course materials.

  2. Improving educational outcomes for students.

The Process Is Simple:

  • Students receive an email before classes begin which states that one or more of their courses is using Inclusive Access materials. Inclusive Access material is charged automatically to students’ financial aid accounts and content is delivered through Canvas on the first day of class. There is no need to purchase it in-store or through our website.

  • Students enjoy free access to the content during the first two weeks of class.
  • On the sixth day of class, in order to retain access, students simply do nothing; a charge is conveniently billed to the student’s university account, similar to tuition and board.

  • If students choose to opt out, access will be turned off and no charge will be assessed. They can do so in 3 ways:

    1. Sending an email to and requesting to opt out

    2. Opting out in Canvas before student accounts close on the 6th day of class

    3. Visit, find your course and the corresponding IA listing and clicking the “Opt Out” button

Why It Works (and why it is Awesome!)

The Inclusive Access model is much less expensive than other options; because of the increased buy-in from students in a class offering Inclusive Access, publishers are willing to negotiate much lower prices than they are for print materials. It also gives students convenient day-one access to course content, and allows them to experience more interactive and adaptive digital content that has been shown to improve educational outcomes. In addition, it gives faculty members the freedom to better tailor their course materials, and they still have full academic freedom to choose the texts they want for their classes.

How Inclusive Access Got Started

The Inclusive Access pilot began at CWU in 2016, with just 2 courses on the CWU campus. In these classes, students reported decreased study times, improved learning outcomes and high satisfaction with the adaptive digital content. They were also happy knowing they were paying the lowest price for their course materials. As of Fall 2023, CWU is offering over 476 courses and 643 sections utilizing Inclusive Access, serving more than 7000 students a quarter and growing.

Looking For More Information

Where do I find my materials? 

Your materials will be located inside of Canvas, under a tab labelled "My Textbooks".

Some courseware has their own additional tab in Canvas. The title of the tab varies, but "MyLab" is one of the most common.

My ebook stopped working after the Add/Drop deadline and I did not Opt-Out

To reinstate your eBook license, please open the book through the  "My Textbooks" tab in Canvas. This will update the license and allow you to once again access your material.

The BookShelf App is not working.

Please contact VitalSource Support:


Call: 1-855-200-4146

Online Live Chat is also available here

What is a 401 error, and how do I fix it?

Users generally see this error when they do not have Cookies enabled in their browser. Try updating your settings to allow third-party cookies. For additional information and troubleshooting assistance, visit VitalSource LTI Tool & Cookie Issues

Additional Resources for Students and Instructors

Pearson Student and Instructor Support:

 Students and instructors can visit Pearson Higher Education Help & Support for quick-start guides and many more helpful resources.

Cengage Support:

Need help? Cengage support is available via online chat, Twitter,  live phone support (1-800-354-9706) and through the self-service website, which includes helpful articles, downloads, and tutorials.


McGraw-Hill Support: 

For McGraw-Hill support, you can call 1-800-331-5094, or chat online to a representative here.


W.W. Norton InQuizitive Support:

Accessing your Norton eBook in Canvas: Canvas IA (ebook only) - YouTube

If you have questions about Inclusive Access, please email us at and we will get right back to you.