What do socks, ties, lunch boxes, gloves, patches, and whistles all have in common? They are all available through the Wildcat Shop! These official CWU accessories can add that extra pizzazz to your outfit and let you shout to the world that you are a Wildcat!

CWU Bandana
Price: $11.95
CWU Camo Crew Sock
Regular Price: $14.95
On Sale For: $10.00
CWU Classic Lunch Box
Price: $24.95
CWU Face Mask
Price: $7.95
CWU Gray Tie
Price: $29.95
CWU Guitar Strap
Price: $34.95
CWU Multi Use Bag Strap
Price: $21.95
CWU Neck Gaiter
Price: $11.95
CWU Rugby Tube Sock
Price: $9.95
CWU Saxophone Strap
Price: $21.95
CWU Seal Lapel Pin
Price: $8.95
CWU Smart Phone Gloves
Price: $16.95
CWU Solid Gray Tie
Price: $26.95
CWU Whistle
Price: $9.95
CWU Wildcats Tube Sock
Price: $12.95
Pride Lapel Pin
Price: $6.95
Wildcats Iron On Patch
Price: $7.95