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FriXion Colorstick Gel Erasable Pen -- Fine

Price: $2.09
SKU:  14986
Make Back-to-School less stressful and more fun with the new FriXion ColorSticks erasable pens. You can write in vivid color, and never make a written mistake again---guaranteed, with the newest addition to the FriXion line of erasable gel ink pens.

FriXion ColorSticks are available in a range of new vibrant colors, are an excellent value, and feature a modern, slim 'non-rolling' capped design. As with all pens with FriXion's unique thermo-sensitive ink, you can write smoothly, erase cleanly and rewrite repeatedly without damaging your documents. Unique thermos-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction.

Delivers vivid, smooth writing in ten vibrant shades. Streamlined, clipless, roll-free design. Write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!

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