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Wildcat Shop Textbook Rental Program

The Wildcat Shop offers a textbook rental program available for many titles. You must have a valid, current student ID to rent textbooks. Please also note that the Wildcat Shop may substitute a used textbook for a new textbook (and vice versa) based on available inventory.

Rental Terms:

The rental book is the property of the Wildcat Shop. In accepting the terms of this Rental Contract, I accept responsibility to use the book & return it to the Wildcat Shop in its original condition (no tears, no water damage, limited writing/highlighting, binding damage, etc.) or I will be charged for a replacement and a $30 processing fee.

During the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), you are eligible for a full refund up until the second Friday of the quarter. Return of books rented after the second Friday is limited to 2 business days after rental. Summer rental return dates are subject to the start date and length of class.

By accepting the Rental Contract I understand & accept responsibility to return the rental & any accompanying parts (CD’s/DVD’s, solution manuals, companion texts, etc.) by the Rental Due Date (RDD), which can be found attached to my receipt. If the rental is not postmarked or returned by the RDD, I will be charged a replacement and processing fee of $30 for each item not returned in addition to the fee I paid at the time of rental.

If the rental text is lost/stolen, I will inform the Wildcat Shop by the RDD. I will be refunded the rental fee & charged for a replacement.

I understand and authorize CWU to place my student record on hold if any book is not returned by the last day of finals of the quarter the rental occurs. Once a hold is placed it may take up to 1 week to be released.

I authorize the Wildcat Shop to charge my Student Account for a replacement if the rental is not postmarked or returned by the RDD or if the book is returned damaged (see damage examples above). The Wildcat Shop reserves the right to reevaluate the condition of the rental text within 30 days of the RDD.

If I decide to keep my rental, I will contact the Wildcat Shop in store or via email at [email protected] before the RDD. I will pay the difference between the retail price of the rental & the rental fee I originally paid. If I do not contact the Wildcat Shop before the RDD I will be charged a replacement and processing fee of $30 for not turning in the rental.