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Aluminum Wall Clock (Customizable)

Price: $36.00
SKU:  12820
It's so much more fun to check the time when it's personalized!

Upon receiving your order, we will contact you by email with directions for sending us your personalization information.
When you respond to the email, send us the image you would like on the item, including any text you would like added and how you would like it arranged. If you send a photo, please make sure it is a high quality photo�if you pulled it off of facebook, it will probably be a little blurry (fb images are 72 dpi). For best results, use images over 180 dpi, 300 dpi is best. Files can be jpg, pdf, or png. After we receive the personalization information, we will create a proof and send it to you by email. Please check the proof very carefully for any mistakes or changes you would like to make. Let us know what you would like changed or if we can do the item as represented in the proof. We only move forward on the project after we receive your final approval on all changes.
Please allow two weeks (faster turn-around depending on responses) for your item to be personalized, and at least one week for delivery if shipped.
Please no copyrighted or trademarked images. Send images and text to [email protected]
Please include your order number and contact information in your email.